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Galaxy Digitel Studio is emerging as one of the best photographers in Kanpur. Special occasions such as wedding events needs to get cemented with something beautiful, special and everlasting, that consists different rituals and traditions, unforgettable moments, and journeys of new relationships. Galaxy Digitel Studio creates beautiful memories for you with our efforts and dedications. We provide photography services like- candid photography , pre-wedding photography , product photography , event photography etc.

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Top candid wedding photographer of Kanpur, we ate not OK with producing images and videos that ate just 'alright' as many of these companies are. The work we produce serves as a direct reflection of the passion and dedication that we have for the art of photography and videography and for the relationships that are formed through our interactions as well as the shooting process making us the Best Photographer in Kanpur .

Regardless of whether shooting a 20-minute session at the party or capturing a 14-hour wedding day or giving you the pre-wedding shoots, our innate attention to detail and intimate approach make our clients feel incredibly comfortable and valued, entitling us with the title of PRE-WEDDING photographers in Kanpur.

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In the world of cinema, cinematography techniques emerged as a magic for the film making concept. Cinematography is the effective procedure of recording visual images for the Indian cinema and subsequent development of recorded images in sophisticated photo laboratories. The professional cinematography specifically requires attention to the scene compositions, conceptualizing and ultimately supervising special effects and lighting. Galaxy Digitel Studio providing the best cinematography in Kanpur as they have done a lot of cinematography projects of different clients.
You can check out it in above videos.

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Best wedding Photographers in Kanpur

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Photography is considered as a skill that portray the reality into a very special moment. It can be enhanced with the experience of the photographer. Photographer does not do anything much, its just capture the moment at the right time with the right angle. With these experiences, the photographers of Galaxy Digitel Studio emerged as the best photographer in Kanpur since many years. Their dedication towards perfection makes them the best wedding photographer in Kanpur. Their efforts comes as they are delivering different photography services like Pre-Weddding photography in Kanpur, Candid Photography in Kanpur.

FAQ questions regarding photographers in Kanpur

Ans. Firstly you should know that what type of photography you want in your wedding. Then you can select the best photographer in kanpur for particular type of photography as per your budget and needs because every Photography studio is best for their different types of photography.
Ans. Yes, Galaxy Digitel Studio provides discounts or offers for wedding photography package. There is no fixed discounts or offers provided in the wedding photography but as per your requirements and budgets, Galaxy Digitel Studio team will make you sure that you will get the best deals.
Ans. You should consider a lot of things before hiring a best photographer for you wedding. First thing, your budget and requirements. Secondly the portfolio of photographer's existing to make sure yourself. Then lastly confirm the wedding dates with photographers to prevent chaos at wedding day.
Ans. Yes, we provide different kinds of photography services other than wedding photography like - Industrial photography, product photography and Event photography.
Ans. Cinematography in wedding is the art and techniques of photographer of its photography and visual representation of the wedding occasions in the picture clip.
Ans. If we go on their name, their pronunciation already explaining enough about their differences. As Cinematography is an art and techniques of visual representation and filming the motion clips or pictures (Cinema Movie), while the photography considered as an skill and art of producing images by identifying best scenes. Both the techniques needed advanced technology to for better enhancements.
Ans. Product photography is the process of producing images of a product (goods) which is going to be market or sale. It is also known as Commercial photography as these images meant to allure customers which results in the sales of products. In this photography, photographers are entitled to capture the products details and features.
Ans. Industrial photography is considered as the branding of the companies representing how they are working behind the walls by quality process with the help of machinery, equipment, advanced technology and staffs. Industrial photographer in this photography capture pictures of their machineries, different tools, product finishing, and skilled staffs etc.
Ans. In the recent years, there’s a change of trend in photography, we can see in Kanpur. Nowadays people included more services in their wedding planning as they also consider pre-wedding photography services, cinematography and Candid photography services with the wedding photography services.
Ans. We accept all kinds of payment mode like- Cash payment, UPI payment, and Net Banking.
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