Why We Need Candid Wedding Photography

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Why We Need Candid Wedding Photography

A wedding is once in a lifetime experience for a couple. Everybody wants to make it perfect and beautiful. The special day of a couple’s life is always cherished by the pictures captured on that day. These days people are hyping over the candid photography. They appreciate them more than the traditional photography but in Indian weddings traditional photography has its own value.

What is candid photography technique?

It might sound weird but it’s an art of capturing the moments of the things which are unaware of it. It’s like capturing the true moments with true expressions. There is no posing or instructions given from the photographer. This type of photography is full of life and emotions, which is why it has become so much popular. Be it a birthday, wedding, newborn photography, this technique suits every occasion.

What is planned or fake candid photography?

These days candid photography has taken a new step-up. A new technique known as planned candid photography or fake candid photography is on high demands. In these the photographers directs the couple with the poses, costumes, venue, etc and try to create a natural candid look for photos. The planned candid photos turn out to be very beautiful but they require a planning, strategic positioning to make it look natural.

Use of this technique in wedding photography?

Now a days, a trend of pre-wedding shoot is also on high demand. Couples love to get pre-wedding album. Most of the pictures which are clicked during the pre-wedding shoots are candid. They require proper posing and the skills of the photographer. The aim is to click pictures and give the couple a sense of a good love story or beginning of a new chapter. Indian candid wedding photography is a mixture of traditional and modern techniques. Photographers cover the traditional wedding in a new and different form. Some of the part of the wedding are shot candid and the rest are shot by traditional photography. Pictures are being clicked when the people are unaware, bringing the natural look and a sense realism. The photographer moves around the whole wedding area and captures all the rituals.

Why is it important at weddings?

Candid photography has become one of the essentials in the weddings. As it captures the completely natural moments, making the pictures looks more lovely and attractive. The people, who are enjoying the wedding don’t need to pose specially for the pictures. They just need to be at their best version and enjoy the day, making it memorable throughout there life. It’s a lovely technique of capturing everybody’s true emotions.

Candid photography is not easy as easy it sounds. A skilled photographer needs to look for every right opportunity which means they need to remain alert all the time throughout the wedding. The photographer needs to be a professional and must have experience in candid photography. Every couple needs to find the best candid photographer in Lucknow to make their album the filled with most memorable moments.