What Is Need For Night Photography

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What Is Need For Night Photography

Photography is an art of capturing a moment in a digital form so as to keep it forever as a memory. There are various styles of photography and each style requires different set of skills.It is a very vast subject which requires a lot of practice and hardwork.These days it has become a renowned profession in which people are doing really great jobs.

Most of the people avoid night photography. But it is also one of the great forms of photography and some people choose to specialize in it. Earlier night photography was difficult because it was difficult to capture the right moments in dark and every mistake cost but now, we have digital cameras in which we can take as much shots as we want. The low light performance of the digital camera has also improved in past few years. Still many people do not choose to click pictures at night.

Now the question arises, should a person choose night photography as their profession and master their skills in it? Is it fun?

The answer is 100% yes. Let’s learn about what all will we need to do night photography: Firstly, we need is a tripod stand. It is one of the most essential accessories for night photography as the photographer requires long exposures which means that their camera must be steady at all times. The stand must be of good quality and must be able to withstand the weight of the camera. Try to buy mini tripods as they can easily fit anywhere and tricky shots can also be clicked easily.

Secondly, try to use manual focus over autofocus as they are not full-proof. At night your camera may struggle in focusing due to the dark. By manual focusing, you are assured that your camera will not focus on any object but only on your subject and you will get great pictures as the output.

Third, use high ISO while shooting at night. Try to use newest high-end cameras as they do not increase the noise of the picture on increasing the ISO. Learn the ISO limits of your cameras, study your previously captured pictures and then find out which camera to choose for night photography.

Fourth, you must use the JPEG file format for clicking pictures as it does not take up too much of space of your memory card. Such files are easy to be uploaded without changing to any other format. When shooting at night switch your images file to RAW as it avoids the grainy pictures in low light, maintain their quality, can be easily converted to any format and takes comparatively less space in your memory card.

Fifth, notice the surroundings carefully and check which camera setting will be most suitable, take some test shots for getting a desired picture.

Sixth, if you fully don’t understand how the manual mode works, use the aperture priority mode. It lets you choose the apertureas you want and automatically selects the shutter speed.