5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Candid Photography

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5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Candid Photography

Candid photography is an art of capturing the moments of those things which are unaware of it. It’s like capturing the true moments with true expressions. There is no posing or instructions given from the photographer. This type of photography is full of life and emotions, which is why it has become so much popular. Be it a birthday, wedding, newborn photography, this technique suits every occasion.

These days candid photography has taken a new step-up. A new technique known as planned candid photography or fake candid photography is on high demands. In these the photographers directs the couple with the poses, costumes, venue, etc and try to create a natural candid look for photos. The planned candid photos turn out to be very beautiful but they require a planning, strategic positioning to make it look natural.

Every technique requires some tricks which must be well known by the photographer in order to click good quality pictures. in this article, lets learn about the 5 of those tricks which are essential and can turn out to be very important for a photographer:

  1. Flash must never be used at all times. Candid photography is generally done in available light since flash can alert the subject or make them self-conscious on noticing the camera rather than behaving naturally.That is why earlier the candid photography was only practiced outsides, where ample of sunlight could be used. Now a days the use of digital cameras has made this technique easy to be used indoors. Now these pictures can also be clicked in low light and without a flash. Hence it must be ensured that the subject remains unaware of getting clicked.

  2. Candid photography is a way to focus on others emotions and translate them into forever memory in the form of pictures. The photographer needs to select a place where they could wait for hours to take the best candid shot. Hence the photographer must remain patient.

  3. You need to have an eagle eye and must know how to capture the photo-worthy moments. Most of the photographers prefer long lens so that they could capture a nice distance shot Candid photography is all about seizing the moments and it gets difficult if you have stuffed your camera in your camera bag. You must keep your camera always ready in your hands so that you can click the pictures as soon as you notice a great picture-worthy moment.

  4. If a photographer is clicking a fake candid photo, then also they must make sure that the pictures turn out to be completely real. This will require their skills and knowledge. They must instruct their team and the subject accordingly to achieve the same.

  5. It is about taking authentic pictures and not about hiding in the bushes and surprising the strangers or invading somebody’s Hence the photographer must always keep in mind to respect the privacy and try not to hurt any of their subject while clicking candid pictures.