Dos & Don’ts Of Photography

Dos & Don’ts Of Photography

Dos & Don’ts Of Photography

Photography involves creativity as well as technicality in it. Being only a creative person is not enough in photography nowadays as there are lots of technicalities in photography. Galaxy studio – Candid Photographer in Kanpur here points out some dos and don’ts of photography:

DO's -

a) Go for manual shoot:
Nowadays cameras are very much advanced and has “Auto” mode which makes very easy for any newbie to click photo but for a good photographer learning basics are very important. For it you should go for manual mode shoot.

b) Post processing is a key:
To use your tools effectively, it is advised to learn the process of editing after clicking the photograph. Editing the photograph is not a wrong thing, and doing it for making photograph more beautiful.

c) Exploit your equipment:
Equipments today are really “advanced” so exploit it to its full potential. Learn each technicality it has, and use your product to fullest.

d) Off your camera flash:
Using off camera flash can create your image beautiful, use of natural light can give you alluring image.

e) Go for early morning shoots:
If you want some magical photographs, get up early and shoot. Sunrise lighting can dramatically change your image and make it more gorgeous.

Dont's -

a) Stop comparing:
We see post of other people on many social networking sites and start comparing them with ourselves. We go on finding the kind of camera they used but buying the expensive and high gear camera is not the way.

b) Don’t go for body, go for lens:
A photographer must always go for high class lens in spite of camera body. In photography lenses and angles always make the difference.

c) Be creative:
Many photographers think that good location gives good photograph but it’s not always true. Be creative and make a good photograph at your home.

d) Don’t be know it all, Be curious:
If you want to upgrade yourself then be curious, always ask questions, have an eye, listen everything and soak everything. Apply it on your photography, make improvement.

Some dos and don’ts are always there in every process follow them and improve your photography.