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Top 10 Photographers Of India.

Photographer In India

Photographer must capture creative wedding photos

Date : 07 Feb 2022

Your wedding day will pass in the blink of an eye, but your stunning wedding images will last a lifetime! We've rounded up 15 photos you must have shot on your big day, ..

Photographers In India

Best Bridal portraits tips to win a million hearts

Date : 28 Jan 2022

Kanpur is one of the most shot urban communities in the India and with such countless motivating perspectives from epic cityscapes to lavish subtleties,..

Photographers In India

Budget Friendly Photographer in Kanpur

Date : 16 Dec 2021

Kanpur is one of the most shot urban communities in the India and with such countless motivating perspectives from epic cityscapes to lavish subtleties,..

Photographers In India

Places to visit in Kanpur for Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Date : 2 Dec 2021

Kanpur City is proudly situated on the banks of the blessed River Ganga, Kanpur offers is spotted with the absolute most adored journey locales...

Photographers In India

Top 10 Photographers Of India.

Date : 18 Sept 2021

Professional photography is a completely unique art form, an excellent way to express and capture the moments for life. It is believed that professional photography...

Best Photographer In Kanpur

How To Become A Photographer | Types of Photographer

Date : 15 Sept 2021

Do you want to become a professional and highly appreciated photographer? If yes, then congrats, you have chosen the right path and an excellent job in the world. However, being a ...

Photographer In Kanpur

Important Tips for Finalizing Reputed Photography Studio in Kanpur

Date : 10 Sept 2021

Capturing highly personified and enhanced photographs in a professional environment can effectively increase the quality of your beautiful photographs ...

Candid Photographer In Kanpur

How to make a pre wedding a perfect one for a couple.

Date : 4 Sept 2021

IIn search of getting more beautiful photographs, pre-wedding sessions can be a perfect option for a couple. You may have also noticed that wedding photography ...

Best Photographer In Kanpur

How To choose best professional wedding photographer for wedding events.

Date : 2 Sept 2021

PIt has been observed by the wedding professional that now people are effectively getting aware and showing their respective interest to choose professional ...

Photographer In Kanpur

How good a photographer needs to be well equipped these days

Date : 12 Aug 2021

Photography is all about the better photographs and for that it has become more mandatory that a professional photographer needs to be well equipped these days...

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

How To Have A Fantastic Candid Photo Shoot With Minimal Spending

Date : 9 Aug 2021

Accordingly, in India professional candid photographers effectively cost somewhere around Rs.5000 to Rs.20000 respectively, because they effectively put significant pre- production and the post-production,...

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

5 secrets of model photography that nobody will tell you

Date : 6 Aug 2021

The exact calculated way to effectively deal or specifically interact with perfect models is a completely major element in designated professional photoshoot. As a professional photographer,...

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

5 brilliant ways to advertise pre wedding Photography

Date : 2 Aug 2021

Professionally, now you’ve ultimately experimented with all the different types of appreciated photography and perceptually decided you exactly want to be a pre wedding photographer, it’s a..

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

How to make it real and awesome when it comes clicking candid shots by the candid photographer in kanpur

Date : 2 June 2021

Candid photography is all about capturing an ongoing moment, a perfect expression and of course! Full of emotions that specifically sets it as compared to previous traditional photography where photographs are most effectively posed. When a professional photographer captures candid photographs

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

After a wedding selecting pics a tedious task. How to make it easier. Tips by the best photographer in kanpur

Date : 24 May 2021

After your wonderful wedding ceremony, we assure you that you will be specifically appeasing the unforgettable most beautiful wedding memories through wedding photographs and your wedding video and determinately it will be passed down to your future generations.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Know About The Best Photographer In Kanpur

Date : 5 May 2021

Photography is effectively considered as excellent and magical art, many of the people really think that terminal travel and landscape photography is an effective and glamorous business but the true reality is that it comprehensively involves more than capturing the beautiful photographs in exotic locales.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Is The Right Time For Pre Wedding Photography While Maintaining Social Distancing

Date : 24 April 2021

Weddings are authentically considered once in a lifetime moments but during the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic situation it has gradually changed our priorities.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Cinematography The Next Level Weddig Memories

Date : 18 April 2021

Almost every person dreams to have a destination wedding because this once in a lifetime moment should be spent more special and at a wonderful place.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

10 Reasons Why Destination Wedding Is Important

Date : 27 March 2021

Almost every person dreams to have a destination wedding because this once in a lifetime moment should be spent more special and at a wonderful place.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Pre Wedding A Nostalgia Which Became A Tradition Now Of Every Wedding

Date : 20 March 2021

Pre-wedding session before the wedding day has become the most integral part of every wedding trend or we can say pre-wedding nostalgia which has become a tradition mostly in every wedding. And as per our opinion this is the most perfect way of gaining the most preferable and unique picture which will surely indicate the strong bonding of love between the couples.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

What Is Traditional Photography

Date : 5 March 2021

Traditional photography can be considered as a formal color photo where people get instructed to pose perfectly to get the best shots. Here the photographer instructs the people to set the pose in the picture which results in a beautiful shot.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

10 Things You Should Know About Traditional Photography

Date : 1 March 2021

Traditional photography allows a photographer to create the perfect space for the photography that also means a person can dress up in their own style and with valuable outcomes they are also free to pose as they want to. This makes traditional photography more unique and suitable.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

7 Reasons Why People Like Wedding Photography

Date : 25 February 2021

There are many valuable perspectives when a people just simply like wedding photography. For a long time it has been a generous part of every wedding.Also in a commercial photography business ‘wedding photography’ has its better place and is included in photographer portfolios.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

How To Have A Fantastic Candid Photographer With Minimal Spending

Date : 17 February 2021

Taking better candid photographs of the people has become the most impressive style in the world of photography. Clicking the best candid photo naturally needs more practice and attention towards the photography.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Candid Photography

Date : 21 November 2020

Candid photography is an art of capturing the moments of those things which are unaware of it. It’s like capturing the true moments with true expressions. There is no posing or instructions given from the photographer.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

How Cinematic Flims Be In The Future

Date : 21 October 2020

Cinematic films are made by a technology called cinematography. It is an art of filming motion picture electronically by means of image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as film stock.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

What Are Modern Rules Of Wedding Photography

Date : 14 October 2020

Photography is an art of clicking pictures and capturing the moments into a digital film and to create its image later. Moments pass by but the images stay forever like a memory . Before 1930s, photographs used to be monochromatic.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Top 5 Things About Best Candid Photographer You Have To Experience It Yourself

Date : 12 October 2020

Every event requires a great photographer with best set of skills and anybody who is payingexpects them to increase their limits for their clients and click the best pictures of all the great moments throughout the event. Photographers must not be chosen without checking the facts properly.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

What Is Need For Night Photography?

Date : 06 October 2020

Photography is an art of capturing a moment in a digital form so as to keep it forever as a memory. There are various styles of photography and each style requires different set of skills.It is a very vast subject which requires a lot of practice and hardwork.These days it has become a renowned profession in which people are doing really great jobs.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Top 10 Reasons Why Destination Wedding Is Important?

Date : 05 October 2020

Weddings are the most memorable part of everybody’s life. Everyone actively participates in the preparations of a wedding. The couple, go through so many decisions starting from the date to the food. Among all these decisions, venue planning is very essential because rest of the planning depends on it.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Why We Need Candid Wedding Photography?

Date : 03 October 2020

A wedding is once in a lifetime experience for a couple. Everybody wants to make it perfect and beautiful. The special day of a couple’s life is always cherished by the pictures captured on that day. These days people are hyping over the candid photography. They appreciate them more than the traditional photography but in Indian weddings traditional photography has its own value.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Why It Is Necessary To Hire A Photographer For Your Family Function

Date : 27 May 2020

Everyone needs to employ an expert wedding picture taker for their large day. Regardless, not many people consider enrolling one for the humbler components of their wedding like the Haldi, the exacting traditions at home, the Mehndi, or the Sagan, etc.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Why Wedding Photoshoot Is Significant For Couples

Date : 7 May 2020

On the off chance that you've been following wedding photography slants in India or basically been going to weddings, you would have seen the rising in pre-wedding photoshoots. These days, a pre-wedding shoot comes as a part of the last photography group.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Here Are A Few Hints Are Given By Galaxy Digitel Studio On The Most Proficient Method To Take Great And Innovative Pictures Utilizing Props

Date : 30 April 2020

A wedding is about the sweet memories of your valuable second. Galaxy Digitel Studio can prize every single faultless second from your big day in astounding and wonderful pictures. Pictures that our master picture taker catch is expressive and can recount to your wedding story in a connecting with way.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Enjoy The Click Of Artistic Joy And Stop Moment From Running Away-Anand Films

Date : 27 April 2020

Galaxy Digital Studio capturing the Look of Love and making life-changing recollections that will endure forever as you commend your big day. Wedding Photography highly esteems new and inventive thoughts that are imaginative and aesthetic delivering proficient wedding photographs that are not the same as the rest.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Tips That May Assist You In Improving Your Photography

Date : 17 April 2020

Galaxy Digital Studio is one of the best wedding photography team in Lucknow, We travel across in search for the perfect moment and to capture it for you, we are there for you at every step in the journey of your life to guarantee that you can cherish your moments forever.To us, photography is all about capturing the essence of the precious moments in your life.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Know The Effect Of Photographs On Our Regular Daily Existence

Date : 18 March 2020

Photography is the workmanship that is esteemed by each age. No one right now flawless with the spell tossed by photography through photographs. Photography is the workmanship that invites each age gathering people to snap pictures and offer your sprightly moment you proceed with your loved ones.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Catch Up On Your Creativity With The Best Candid Photographer In Kanpur

Date : 21 February 2020

Photography depends just and just on your abilities. If you have aptitudes to showcase your vision in type of pictures and you can render the message through your photos to others you may turn into a fruitful photographer effectively.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Do Not Make These Mistakes During Photography, Tips By Galaxy Digitel Studio

Date : 10 December 2019

In photography, it is obvious that you need great experience and a creative way to display your vision to showcase your photographs and its message amongst people. In photography, you do not get the experience until you do not work hard with your camera.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Why Eternal Black And White Photographs Are Still Trendy?

Date : 4 October 2017

Timeless black and white photographs are beauty in it selves, especially when we talk about weddings. In spite of various technical advancements in the field of photography, there is something in the black and white photographs that these photographs are still in trend and are still known as the best photographs for weddings.

Wedding Photographer In Kanpur

Revitalize Your Wedding Moments In More Nourished Way With The Help of Wedding Videography

Date :13 September 2017

Despite the fact that in weddings, photography has its hugeness, however wedding recordings are more famous and requesting. Recordings are more momentous than photographs, since it has the capacity to deliver all the more profound substance that interface with the watchers.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Create An Image Of Your Brand With Product Photography

Date :29 August 2017

Conceptualizing a brand can be simple, however presenting it to the purchasing open includes a long procedure. Proficient photography by the Photographer in Kanpur is extraordinary compared to other approaches to set up a brand. It is outwardly engaging, connecting with and can be intriguing. Photographs request for shoppers of all ages. Before whatever else, in any case, it is vital for you to comprehend what marking is and why it is basic to the accomplishment of your item or organization.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Embress Your Photography With Galaxy Studio

Date :16 August 2017

Each wedding in India is special in its own particular manner. There is generally such a large number of essential occasions on both the side either lady or grooms. For any picture taker to fulfill his customer and to make his work up to the check it's truly vital for a picture taker to be completely mindful of wedding ceremonies which will be going on.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Get Swank Photographs with Best Photographer

Date :09 August 2017

Galaxy studio is one of the main studio in Kanpur, serving the city for past years and as yet proceeding. They had come this a long way from fulfilling their clients and by staying up with the latest with the most recent patterns and systems. Galaxy Studio is constantly refreshed with the most recent patterns and conventions, wedding photographer in Kanpur dependably fulfill their clients by giving them interesting photos. A portion of the most recent patterns of photography given by the Photographer in Kanpur are as per the following:

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Enhance Your Photography With Non technical tricks

Date :28 July 2017

Although photography is a technical profession, but it cannot be done with any non technical knowledge. Technicalities can only make good photographs, but non technical tricks can enhance the beauty of photographs.
Here, Galaxy studio is providing some of the nontechnical tricks which would be helpful for the people who are not much more technically inclined. Being an experienced and well trained photographer in Kanpur wedding photographer in Kanpur is giving some non technical tricks in photography.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Dos & Don’ts Of Photography

Date :12 July 2017

Photography involves creativity as well as technicality in it. Being only a creative person is not enough in photography nowadays as there are lots of technicalities in photography. Galaxy studio – Candid Photographer in Kanpur here points out some dos and don’ts of photography:

a) Go for manual shoot:
Nowadays cameras are very much advanced and has “Auto” mode which makes very easy for any newbie to click photo but for a good photographer learning basics are very important.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Must know Some Things by Photographer Before Handling Camera

Date :24 March 2017

As we probably aware fever of the photography has been expanding step by step as individuals utilize those photographs for transferring on social locales like Facebook, Instagram and so on and need to get famous. Furthermore, here DSLR camera is slanting now a day. From kids to matured, each utilizations it in their one of a kind way and in case you're wanting to get one for you, simply remember these things that helps you purchase a best DSLR for you. Here we go:

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Simple Way How to Capture the Candid photography

Date :09 August 2016

Candid photography focuses on what the subject is naturally doing and not on what the subject must be doing. It is a photo similar to that of a stolen shot. Most images taken in candid photography are of people not looking directly at the camera. Read on for five helpful tips to successfully snap a candid photo :

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Wedding photography has its own charm

Date :23 July 2016

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the traditional Indian ceremony may include several different special events, some of which may take place days before the wedding. Among the first major ceremonies of an Indian wedding takes place several days before for many Indian brides, the real wedding celebration begins with the traditional Mehndi ceremony, in which the hands and feet of the bride are decorated with elaborate henna designs. This celebration is a moment that you will certainly want to capture.

Best Photographer In Kanpur

Tips for attractive wedding photography

Date :16 July 2016

Most of couple wants to make unique pre-wedding photos, but sometimes there are some things to be forgotten so that the photo doesn’t look nice. Here are some basic tips for pre-wedding photography.
1. Some questions for the couple
A photographer should have a discuss with the couple before photo shooting. What they want, you can begin to ask about their favorite so that you might be able to get some unique pre wedding photo theme ideas.

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Candid Wedding Photographer In Kanpur
Wedding Photographer In Kanpur
Best Photographer In Kanpur
Candid Photographer In Kanpur
Candid Wedding Photographer In Kanpur
Candid Photographer In Kanpur
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